At Miss Johnny Squirrel, we appreciate a whimsical approach to everyday objects. Whether sending a card, updating throw pillows in your nest, or adding some color to your kitchen, Miss Johnny Squirrel offers quirky objects to make your experience fun. 

We hope that our idiosyncratic blend of scandi minimalism, eccentric animals, and adorable foodie themed art brings you joy. We value puns that foster connections, and capturing moments of animal behavior that create narratives for people who have a refined but funny approach to life. We would love to taco ‘bout how you’re just dillin’ and hope that our products help those with a penchant for quirkiness to show that every day can be quite funny.

After attending design school and working as a textile graphic artist and illustrator in New York City, designer Yuki Osada began taking screen printing classes. It was there Osada connected the dots to see that she could couple her design background and screenprinting skill to become her own producer, printing her designs on stationery and other soft surfaces. Out of Osada’s transition from mass production design to handmade, our creative studio, Miss Johnny Squirrel, was born. Osada prints her designs using non-toxic inks on organic fabrics and high-quality papers using a handmade approach to each step.

Osada brings her expertise gained through illustrating and publishing children’s books and educational materials, textile and graphic design work, mural artistry, illustration, and entrepreneurship together to form Miss Johnny Squirrel. She now prints illustrated goodies for everyday in Central Florida, available for purchase through online storefronts and local craft fairs. We thank you for visiting, and sincerely hope our products make your everyday connections more fun. 

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